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KBS road documentary Seok-gul-am 석굴암石窟庵

최종 수정일: 2021년 12월 7일

The KBS documentary Seok-gul-am is about following the flow of Buddha statues and Buddhism. It shows the path of civilization convergence from Greece and Rome to Seokguram Hermitage. It recorded inflection points of traces through Pakistan, India, Myanmar, China and Europe for ten months. Religion and art move elaborately around the axis of time and meet boundaries in the flow. Whenever I met borders and barriers to other cultures, Bulda's theory of acting was the principle of overcoming boundaries. Buda's doctrine, "If there is this, there is that, and if there is this, there is that." will not be a principle limited to the history of a particular religion. Boundaries are part of the flow. It was an interesting task to find things that did not appear by fumbling the nodes of what was seen. -

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